Replace cordless drill batteries

There are some Bosch cordless drills whose cells could be replaced. Figure out which cells are suitable, get em ordered, replace the cells and make sure device works as expected

Hack Linnar Viik's lawnmower

Lawnmower's immobilizer prevents using the lawmower. Disable the PIN code and claim the device. This job requires some specific skills - use Bus Pirate as SPI bus master to access the Flash chip on the device. First dump the existing firmware as-is. Enter the PIN incorrectly again and attempt to identify which part of the Flash counts the invaid PIN code attempts. Try to reset the counter first.

Fix Samsung digital signage box

The MOSFET-s in power supply chain are fried. Attempt to figure out what went wrong and fix it.

Smartboard pen picker replacement

The Smartboard pen picker was lost, there's connector for that. Find a replacement pen picker or 3D print one.

Build a Nixie clock

There are over 100 tubes of various sizes at k-space. PCB designs are readily available at GitHub . Mill a PCB and solder the circuit.

Set up VPN gateway for intranet

We could use VPN for accessing the network at the hackerspace. We could use OpenVPN for that. Set up OpenVPN for our hackerspace and provide access for the hackerspace members.

Participate in the basketball competition of Robotex

Taking part of this particular category requires skills of different sorts: programming, electronics, computer vision, microcontrollers, physics and math.

Set up surveillance system

Using wide angle IR equipped USB webcams and OpenWrt capable boxes set up video surveillance system covering the whole hackerspace. Aggregate video feeds on a server and using Python scripting create motion detection software which notifies about activites on a Slack channel. Using the wireless access points sniff MAC addresses of the devices present and map recognized MAC-s to hackerspace members. Pass events through simple event correlator and send alert if

Set up wireless access points

Deploy LEDE in dummy access point mode on TP-Link Archer C7 devices and cover the hackerspace with 802.11ac wireless network. Set up guest network with VLAN 143. This project requires decent managed swich capable of VLAN tagging. If you're asking why TP-Links and LEDE then the answer is quite simple - those boxes have USB ports so we can hook up USB cameras for video surveillance. There are some PoE splitters so we can power the boxes from PoE switches as well.

Set up LED lights system

Using ESP32-s and MicroPython set up LED strips covering the ceilings of hackerspace. Use motion detection from cameras to dynamically switch lights on and off.

Paint line following robot traces on the floor

In order to make use of the line following functionality of sumorobots it would be really cool to have some traces on the floor. Get suitable paint and draw some traces on the floor

Artwork on the walls

There is quite a bit space on the walls and blank is boring! Why not have some artwork there instead?

Tear down that wall!

+1 for folks who helped tearing down the walls at hackerspace

Assemble TV-b-gone kit

Another civil disobedience tool in your tool arsenal