never stop learning! and have fun while doing it!


k-space is a community-driven space for bringing your tech dreams to life

Our main focuses right now are:

  • Fabrication lab

    We have 3D printer, CNC machine, drill bench, sawbench, various powertools and much more.

  • Server hosting

    What makes k-space unique is that we have our own server room with proper infra and public IP adresses.

  • Retro computing

    Apple II, old-school consoles, authentic analog devices - you name it, we have it!

  • Co-working space

    We have room if you need a place to work.


Artur Kerge +372 55 943 888


Find us at Akadeemia tee 21/1, 5th floor

We have

... more than 350m2 of space
It's like the whole floor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Students area 21m2
Residents area 15m2
Server room
Kitchen, toilets


List of our members can be found on our wiki.

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Fabrication lab

Go from idea to prototype in no time, we’ve got:

  • Yihua 992DA soldering station and SMD rework station
  • Several racks of electronic components for your projects
  • Stepcraft 2-600 CNC machine with all the bells and whistles for milling PCB-s, wood or aluminium
  • Several 3D printers including Wanhao i3
  • Multimeters, oscilloscopes, bench power supplies, jumper cables etc
  • Coming soon: laser cutter

Even if you’re out of ideas but would like to learn more about electronics, we’ve got several fun projects to get you started!

  • Retro computing

    Several of our hackerspace members are collecting computing items of historical value:

    • Formidable CPU collection from various vendors
    • DEC VT220 terminals
    • PC-s of various eras
    • Spend time playing classics: Doom, Jazz Jackrabbit or Super Mario
  • Server hosting

    What is really unique about our hackerspace is that we’ve got dedicated server room with 5 racks. Hackerspace members are welcome to host their physical and/or virtual servers in our infrastructure. We’re already hosting various community projects such as Armbian and Pingviin.

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