Never stop learning; and have fun while doing it!


K-SPACE is a community-driven space for bringing your tech dreams to life

Our main focuses right now are:

  • Fabrication lab

    We have 3D printer, CNC machince, drill bench, sawbench, various powertools and much more.

  • Server hosting

    What makes K-SPACE unique is that we have our own server room with proper infra and public IP adresses.

  • Retro computing

    Apple II, old-school consoles, authentic analog devices - you name it, we have it!

  • Co-working space

    We have room if you need a place to work.


+372 665 96 51


Address: Akadeemia tee 21/1

Detailed location and doors.

[iCal link]

We have

... more than 350m2 of space
It's like the whole floor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Residents area 21m2
Residents area 15m2
Co-working space
Kitchen, toilets


If you wish to join, check out our wiki.

Fabrication lab

Go from idea to prototype in no time, we’ve got:

  • Yihua 992DA soldering station and SMD rework station
  • Several racks of electronic components for your projects
  • Stepcraft 2-600 CNC machine with all the bells and whistles for milling PCB-s, wood or aluminium
  • Several 3D printers including Wanhao i3
  • Multimeters, oscilloscopes, bench power supplies, jumper cables etc
  • Laser cutter

Even if you’re out of ideas but would like to learn more about electronics, we’ve got several fun projects to get you started!

Retro computing

Several of our hackerspace members are collecting computing items of historical value:

  • Formidable CPU collection from various vendors
  • DEC VT220 terminals
  • PC-s of various eras
  • Spend time playing classics: Doom, Jazz Jackrabbit or Super Mario

Server hosting

What is unique about our hackerspace is the fact that we’ve got a dedicated server room with 5 racks. Members are welcome to host anything in or with our infrastructure, be it virtual or physical.

We’re already hosting various community projects listed on our wiki.

Sponsors and partners

Contact us, if you want to become a sponsor.