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We have

More than 300m2 of space

It's like the whole floor

Office 21m2
Office 15m2
More lockers
Office 20m2
Hangout area
Lounge, PC-s, IoT lab
Meeting room
Kitchen, toilet, sauna
Soldering irons, reflow oven, robotics lab
CNC machine, saw, lathe, mill, 3D printers, lasercutter


Do something new. Test yourself. Improve your portfolio. Have fun.

Take part in our many challenges, ranging from restoring corrupted files from a flash drive to taking down walls with a sledgehammer. Once a challenge has been completed, the user will be added to our glorious hall of fame, where friends and employers can awe at your achievements.

Replace cordless drill batteries

There are some Bosch cordless drills whose cells could be replaced. Figure out which cells are suitable, get em ordered, replace the cells and make sure device works as expected

Hack Linnar Viik's lawnmower

Lawnmower's immobilizer prevents using the lawmower. Disable the PIN code and claim the device. This job requires some specific skills - use Bus Pirate as SPI bus master to access the Flash chip on the device. First dump the existing firmware as-is. Enter the PIN incorrectly again and attempt to identify which part of the Flash counts the invaid PIN code attempts. Try to reset the counter first.


Fix Samsung digital signage box

The MOSFET-s in power supply chain are fried. Attempt to figure out what went wrong and fix it.

Smartboard pen picker replacement

The Smartboard pen picker was lost, there's connector for that. Find a replacement pen picker or 3D print one.


We have our roots in the Robotics Club of Estonian IT College as several key memebers are graduates of the College and were active Robotics Club members in the past. Most of us have numerous years of work experience in ICT sector and we've travelled the world to see how hackerspaces and makerspaces operate. We know that we've got what it takes to operate k-space.

Lauri Võsandi

Founder of the k-space. Certified Linux expert, Python developer and systems integrator. See more info at lauri.vosandi.com

Allan Vein

Mr Inappropriate

Erki Naumanis

Beekeeper of the year 2016. Builder of smart Internet enabled beehives

Priit Laes

Embedded Linux systems expert and kernel developer. See more info at plaes.org

Silver Kuusik

Electronics schematic design & software development. Founder of Robokoding

Mihkel Raba

IT Management, Pentesting, Firewalls, Storage, Linux servers, ESP32 software development

Jaan Jänesmäe

3D printing, weekly Chaostreff and drone building

Aaditya Parashar

Web design at AP designs

Arti Zirk

Random tinkering

Anto Veldre

That legendary computer security guy

Marek Juhanson

3D printing and product design


Interested in combining history & computers

Karl Hendrik

Server hosting & clustering


Server hosting


Altcoin mining


Drone building & robotics


Tinkering with hobby projects


Needs a punchline here


Needs a punchline here


That space probe guy


Veteran sysadmin & high availability expert

Valdur & Kristjan

Honorary members. Robotics & CNC experts. See more at wiseparker.com

Raul & Janno

Honorary members. Team Dozer. CUDA programming experts.

Erik & Indrek

Honorary members. Team Neve.


Honorary member. Cisco networking expert.


Honorary member. That algorithm sorcery and Python guy


Honorary member. The captain.

Interested in joining the core team? Give Lauri a call and schedule for a visit.


In addition to the regular and not so regular events on the right we're in talks about hosting following as well:

For individuals

For individuals we have several offers:

  • Environment to learn about the latest trends in IT and tech down to the hardware and electronics level
  • Looking for a particular gadget to test out your idea? Raspberry Pi? Arduino? We got you covered!
  • Location for you interest group activities, see more info here
  • Use our equipment, we've got soldering stations, CNC machines, 3D printers and more
  • Office space for your personal projects or freelance work. Renting a whole office on your own might not make sense, why not join us?
  • As a bonus we also have a server room so you can get your machine up and online in no time

Beginner package the get you started at our hackerspace

  • Access to rooms 24/7
  • Locker for personal belongings
  • Access to common equipment
  • Access to coffee machine
  • Use any free desk space available
  • 10TB+ Nextcloud instance
  • Host your workshops/trainings at our lab



In addition to the stuff on the left you get following for your freelance work or hobby projects:

  • Slightly more permanent desk setup and a cupboard
  • Couple units of rack space in the server room
  • Couple public IPv4 addresses for your projects



In addition to the stuff on the left you get:

  • Permanent desk and equipment setup


Services for students

For students we offer several interesting opportunities:

  • Internship opportunities and supervision, suggest a topic yourself or ask Lauri
  • Desk and equipment for your thesis project, eg HackRF, Proxmark etc. Let us know what you need.
  • Practice for Locked Shields test run
  • Customized 3 ECTS course for your topic of interest
  • Funding and equipment to participate at Robotex

We participated with two football robots at Robotex 2016. Here's a sneak peek what the robot sees on-board:

Corporate interests

We offer variety of interesting paid options for your company:

  • Organize your corporate event at our place. We can help with the entertainment and you have opportunity to meet new potential employees.
  • Rent our gadgets and toys for a corporate event, eg sumorobots in your company's booth at a conference
  • Invite us to come and fill in with the entertainment portion of your corporate event
  • Location and equipment to carry out trainings ranging from Arduino-s, Raspberry Pi-s to radiocommunications and networking
  • Provide your employees location and equipment to engage in hobby activities eg. 3D printing and building quadricopters
  • Let us help with headhunting - provide us with a detailed description of what kind of people you're looking for and we'll help you to find them. Set up a roll-up stand at our hackerspace for more visibility. Send us your challenges, perhaps someone from here would like to tackle it.
  • Corporate visibility at international robotics competiton Robotex. Our hackerspace members have participated repeatedly at the Robotex in the past. In 2018 we're planning to participate in the basketball robots and ICD grand challenge categories.

Contact Lauri via e-mail address below for more information